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Miley Cyrus gets new Butt implants

February 16, 2014 0 Comments


The musician is not done making headline controversies just yet. She has popped back into the news by getting butt implants to make her arse look bigger after getting yabbed that her ass looks like that of a chicken in the MTV awards. Peep below and tell me what you think.



Miley Cyrus takes off her clothes for Paper magazi... This is the same magazine, Kim Kardashian took off her clothes for, now Miley follows suit. Not very bad sha.. Look below;
Crazy Photos: Miley Cyrus dressed? This was that Miley wore to fashion designer, Tom Ford's show at the New York Fashion week over the weekend. I don't see any underwear, if this...
Miley Cyrus set to premiere in upcoming porn festi... Miley Cyrus is set to appear in a pornographic film that is set to premier in New York City. I wonder what could have happened to such a wholesome Dis...
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